Zimplex Mixology Bar is truly one of a kind. This bar is located on Phang Nga Road, in Phuket Town, a few blocks away from the Royal Phuket City hotel and combines science with delectable shots. As a matter of fact, with the exception of one choice of beer, all drinks come in the form of shooter glasses that offer the perfect balance between taste and Instagram-ready pictures.

The atmosphere of the bar reminds us of a space-themed attraction, with astronaut suits decorating the wall and an overall purple lighting, which helps is setting the mood. Opening daily from 9:00 pm, the venue plays a mix of soft house, with the DJ perched on top on top of a small mezzanine.

The menu consists of more than 20 different shots, which range from easy to drink on the first few pages, to not for the fainted hearts on the last pages. Some of the shots are also locked behind a paywall that will force you to drink a few others before being able to try the most complex ones. We suggest you start with something easy, such as a Mad Scientist or Jellyfish.

The bar itself is relatively small, with approximately 15-20 seats available at any given time, so it is best to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Parking can be found along the road and the small streets that run perpendicular to the venue.

Zimplex is by far one of the most complex and intriguing night scene venue in Phuket Town, and certainly deserves a stop by to catch on the latest mixology trends or to show off on your Instagram feed.

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156/48 Phang-Nga Rd, Phuket Town, 83000 Phuket, Thailand
P. +66 84 003 6664

Open daily from 9:00pm till 1:00 am.

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