Phuket is considered to be a tropical monsoon climate, a relatively rare type of climate, where there is very little variation in temperature due to its proximity to the equator. The island has an average temperature throughout the year of 29 degrees Celcius, or 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperatures happen during the Thai summer, in March and April, just before the monsoon season.During the

During the monsoon season, one should expect some rain shower throughout the day. However, it is not as bad as people tend to think; it will rain for an hour or two and then stop, allowing visitors and residents alike to get back to their normal activities. The only downfall traveling at that period of time is that no one can guess when the rain is going to start or stop thus it may be difficult to plan for your next activity.

The best season to travel to Thailand is from mid-November to March, in what would be the Thai winter. But fear not, as it is far from the winter you would experience in the West. The winter in Thailand has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celcius, or 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit, accompanying a nice wind from the coast. It is the perfect time to enjoy the Andaman Sea as the waves are not too high and the weather is beautiful from dawn to sunset.

Yearly Averages

Average High Average Low Average Rainy Days Average Humidity
January 32.7 C 24.5 C 4 70%
February 33.6 C 24.9 C 3 69%
March 34.0 C 25.4 C 5 71%
April 33.9 C 25.8 C 11 75%
May 32.8 C 25.6 C 21 79%
June 32.4 C 25.5 C 19 79%
July 32.0 C 25.1 C 19 79%
August 32.0 C 25.3 C 19 79%
September 31.5 C 24.6 C 23 82%
October 31.5 C 24.5 C 22 82%
November 31.7 C 24.7 C 16 79%
December 31.7 C 24.4 C 8 75%


Weather Forecast