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Tours & Activities in Phuket

While Phuket is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere, it also has its fair share of activities that can be done on the island, and various tours that will bring you to the surrounding islands and the neighboring provinces, such as Phang Nga and Krabi. Whether you are looking at something exciting like parasailing or bungee jumping, to something more relaxed such as visiting the birds’ park, you surely will find the perfect activity to do, whether it is sunny or rainy.

Below is a list of tours & activities we strongly recommend you doing when staying in Phuket. You can also search them by locations by using the menu at the top of this page.

Disclaimer – Phuketify does not endorse animal shows in general and believes those animals should be left off in their natural environment. Having said that, we do mention some of them on our website as we want to inform you on all the activities there are to do in Phuket. Ultimately, the choice is yours and we respect that.

Aquaria Phuket

Aquaria Phuket Aquaria Phuket is the currently the largest aquarium in Thailand, covering an area of more than 9,000 square meters on the basement level of Central Floresta. All water tanks combined have a total capacity of seven million liters with over 51,000 marine animals from 300 species. The South China Sea main tank exhibit holds half of that volume of water on its own and is home to Andasi Restaurant, the world’s largest underwater restaurant, and Asia’s first marine lounge. With its tagline “An ocean of myth and legend”, Aquaria Phuket will take you on a special journey featuring element from Thai mythology [...]

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Central Phuket

Central Phuket Central Phuket is the largest shopping center of the island and goes into the top 3 largest shopping mall in Thailand. It is comprised of two separate buildings: the long-standing Central Festival, which opened in the 90s, and the recently added extension Central Floresta, which opening its door in September 2018. Both buildings offer a combined area of 185,000 square meters and host more than 700 different shops, from luxury watches and clothes to everyday items. Central Phuket is much more than a shopping mall; it is a complete travel destination, a place that you will want to visit anyway, even though you are not interested in [...]

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Chalong Bay Distillery

Chalong Bay Distillery Enjoy, create and discover at Chalong Bay Distillery & Bar. A unique experience away from the traditional tourist attractions of Phuket, Chalong Bay offers its guests a whole bevy of activities to enjoy. From cocktail workshops and competitions to distillery visits, private parties, weekly Latin Fire Thursdays and more, this beautifully hidden gem is so much more than meets the eye. Spend an afternoon in the rustic garden as you sample and create some of Chalong Bay’s most popular cocktails at their cocktail workshop and using their very own internationally acclaimed rum, distilled and bottled on site. Guests also have the opportunity to participate in distillery [...]

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Chillva Market

Chillva Market If you are looking for an eclectic choice of food, fashion, and fun, then Chillva Market may be your best bet in town. Located in the area of Samkong, in Phuket Town, this market is only a few years old and was built by piling a series of shipping containers altogether. This newly-thought design for the island was immediately a hit with the locals, who found in Chillva Market a great place for shopping and entertainment. The fact that it is much smaller than the week-end market makes it easier to explain the different zones; the bottom-left  area is where clothes are sold. You will [...]

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Fit Gun Gym

Fit Gun Gym Fit Gun Gym is an independent fitness center located on the way to Kathu Waterfall, in Kathu. You should drive approximately 1.5 kilometers into the Soi Naam Tok and you will find it on your right-hand side. They offer a wide variety of machines for both cardio and body building, separated in different buildings to make it easy to find out what you need. The small reception can provide you with towels and a selection of beverages, from the well-needed fresh water after a series of exercise to whey protein shakes. Fit Gun Gym is not your traditional fitness center; when you look at the architecture [...]

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Jungceylon Shopping Center

Jungceylon Shopping Center Jungceylon Shopping Center is one the largest shopping malls in Phuket, and is located in Patong, right across the famous Bangla Road. Home to the rather large Big C Patong, the mall is divided into separate buildings, which are linked together by an atrium in the center. More than 200 shops offering everything from clothing, souvenirs, perfumes, accessories and home appliance can be found within the mall, which prioritizes Thai brands and local artisanship over international big brands. Big C is a grocery store which used to belong to Carrefour, a French distributor, and so many international products that used to be carried [...]

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Kathu Connection

Kathu Connection The perfect hybrid between a beach club, a water park, a restaurant and a spa, Kathu Connection is located right in the center of Kathu, on Phra Phuket Kaew Road. The main attraction of the club is the Slip’n’Fly, a 30-meter long water slide that catapults you six to ten meters up in the air, before landing in the main swimming pool. Make sure to follow the instructions of the life guards before initiating the slide. Located around the Slip’n’Fly is the secondary swimming pool, which comes with many sitting options as well as a pool bar, serving delicious cocktails. If you don’t fancy sitting in the water, you [...]

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Khao Rang

Khao Rang Rang Hill, known as Khao Rang in the Thai language, is one of Phuket Town's major viewpoint, and is accessible through a small road right next to Vachira Hospital or from the opposite side of the hill, behind the Baan & Beyond, which is part of Central Phuket. A favorite with locals, who enjoy the area for a short run or to use the outside fitness facilities, Khao Rang is home to a couple of restaurants, which offer unobstructed views over the city. A small parking lot is available at the top, though you will often see people climbing the hill on foot or with a bicycle. [...]

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