Phuket Andaman Camp

Phuket Andaman Camp is an open-air restaurant perched on the hill overlooking part of Chalong and Phuket Town. You can access the restaurant by following a small street a few meters away from the Wang Talang gems store on Chao Fa West Road, and drive up the hill for a few minutes.

The car park can accommodate a dozen vehicles, but is located on a steep hill, so driving slowly and carefully is advised. A few steps from the parking lot will lead you to the main restaurant, which is separated into two dining areas: one being under a large wood canopy and the other being built on small terraces, overlooking the city.

Phuket Andaman Camp specializes in Thai food and fresh seafood. All dishes are sourced from various local farms, and served cooked to order with full fragrance that characterizes Thai cuisine. The perfect balance of turmeric, garlic and peppers, combined with the stunning vista, makes your visit totally worth the while.

We would recommend the whole fish, locally sourced chicken and the numerous vegetarian options, whether you pay them a visit for lunch or dinner. Fresh juices and other alcoholic beverage are available, though we urge you not to drink too much as the way downhill can be a scary experience, especially if inebriated.

Phuket Andaman Camp also offers a full-on camping experience, so those of you who thought of bringing your tent and camping gear can extend the night if needed.

3 Dishes to try today!

Phuket Andaman Camp - Whole Fish

Whole Fish
Deep fried whole fish in turmeric and spice
Price per kilo

Phuket Andaman Camp - Fish Curry

Fish Curry
Fish in curry soup, spicy to taste
THB 200 net

Phuket Andaman Camp - Chicken Turmeric

Chicken Turmeric
Stir-fried local chicken with turmeric and garlic
THB 180 net

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Phuket Andaman Camp
Anusorn 200 Pee Street, Phuket Town, 83000 Phuket, Thailand
P. +66 89 866 4832

Open daily from 11:30am to 9:00pm. Closed on Mondays.

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