PHUKET: Starting this coming Monday, June 3, 2019, the second edition of the mouthwatering Street Food Festival will be held at Limelight Avenue Phuket, in the heart of Phuket town, from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm, on the ground floor.

This foodie event will take place every Monday and Tuesday throughout the month of June to give you ample time to fill in your stomach.

Gourmets and aficionados of Thai cuisine will find a heaven of selected street food from outstanding local eateries, such as spicy mixed fruits salads, crepes, Hokkaido bread, cotton candy, Thailand’s favorite dessert mango sticky rice, grass jelly with milk, pork ball from Thip Phuket and spicy fermented rice noodle, known by locals as Kanom Jeen, salads. Quench your thirst on the spot with some delicious fresh juices and frappes.

In addition to the above, some locals’ favorite places to eat will be there to represent their food and specialties, such as Ko Ja with its deep-fried fish balls, and Yang Hi, serving its delightful grilled squids.

Limelight Avenue is located on Dibuk Road, a few blocks away from Phuket Old Town, and offers parking all around the shopping center and opposite the street if needed. Thailand street food has always been at the core of the Thai economy, and many foreigners have been enjoying such delicacies as well.