PHUKET: The first edition of the Phuket Hotel Craft & Skill Expo, aiming at promoting Phuket tourism and the hospitality industry, will take place on July 5 to 7, 2019 and include a trade fair, competitions, entertainment, and networking opportunities.

On March 28, 2019, the Phuket Chef’s Association, Andaman Food and Beverage Club, Andaman Engineer Association and Event Nine Marketing Co., Ltd., led by K. Anat Limjirawattana, held a press conference at Tiger Kingdom to announce the Phuket Hotel Craft & Skill Expo 2019, which will take place on July 5-7 at the Royal Phuket City Hotel, in Phuket Town.

K. Anat Limjirawattana, Managing Director of Event Nine Marketing Co., Ltd., said that the purpose of the expo is to develop the hospitality industry and to publicize the popularity, standards, and signature of Phuket tourism service. There will be various kinds of activities organized throughout the event, which will be beneficial to Phuket tourism and the service industry, such as:

  • A trade fair exhibition featuring food & beverage experts and technicians promoting ingredients, materials, equipment, and tools, sourced from across the globe, that are used in the HORECA industry;
  • Several competitions will be organized, such as creative cooking, the Southern Region Barista Latte Art competition, the Thailand Bartender Championship and the first ever Southern Hotel Technician Challenge 2019. Also hosted at the event will be the Creative Coffee Break Challenge, to encourage creativity within the MICE business;
  • Professional seminars focusing on wines, coffee, ice cream, bartending and mixology as well as engineering;
  • A cooking show by Chef Willment Leong, internationally recognized food judge and judge from the TV show – Top Chef Thailand – alongside Chef Phattanant ‘May’ Thongthong and Chef Prachan Wong-Utaipan, both well-known experts in food creations for the hotel industry;
  • Mini-concerts from Non Thanon, Ice Saranyu and Kaimook from The Voice.

Chef Weerawat Chotsantikul, President of Phuket Chef Association, explained that the focus of the Phuket Culinary Challenge 2019 is to develop the use of local ingredients to make Phuket the best food-related region in southern Thailand and to create dishes that will give Phuket’s visitors a positive, long-lasting memory about their holidays. The Food Gourmet Team Challenge, on the other hand, is more international and currently welcomes more than 200 teams of contestants, both professionals with long experience and the younger generation.

K. Santi Kanlanate, President of the Andaman Food and Beverage Club, mentioned that the Thailand Southern Latte Art Battle Challenge is a must-see for coffee aficionados, who will witness outstanding coffee creations completed within a three-minute time frame.

The Thailand Bartender Championship Challenge gathers participants from across the nation who competes under international bartending rules. The competition will be split into two days; one covering the Southern region championship on July 5, 2019, and the other hosting the national championship on July 7, 2019.

The President of Andaman Engineer Group, K. Puttha Maklai, added that Thailand will see the first ever Southern Hotel Technician Challenge, which gathers more than 30 technician teams, covering aspects such as electronic, tiling, carpentry, HVAC maintenance, and construction.

The Phuket Hotel Craft & Skill Expo 2019 will be hosted at the Royal Phuket City Hotel from July 5 to 7, 2019. Doors open from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm each day. The entrance is free of charge and the organizers are expecting to welcome 10,000 visitors and professionals from the hospitality sector during the three-day exhibition, aiming to promote Phuket tourism from a different perspective which is fun, creative yet following international standards.

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