BANGKOK: A good friend of mine and mixologist extraordinaire, Mitchell ‘Kai’ Lum, with whom I had the pleasure to work a few years back on Surin Beach, is currently running its second Kickstarter campaign for his successful cocktail critters.

Back in January this year, Kai created the first generation of critters, which are high-quality enamel pins that can be attached to your shirt, jacket or apron, born from what he is truly passionate about: cocktails and animals.

The cuteness of each animal brought immediate results, with his Kickstarter campaign receiving nine times its initial goal of a thousand dollar. The first generation included Flaming-o-cosmo, Foxy Negroni, the Hawaiian Dolphin, and Froggy Margarita, among many others.

And the message from the numerous backers was clear enough: they wanted more!

So early July, Kai set up yet another Kickstarter campaign to help produce the second generation of cocktail critters, which includes drinks like Tom Collins, Jungle Bird, Amaretto Sour, and Old Fashioned, paired with animals including a pug, a koala, a panda, a corgi, and even a dragon… yes, a dragon! The campaign, which is still available on Kickstarter until the end of the month, currently has a 40x multiple of its initial goal.

Those little creatures make the perfect gift for any bartenders, mixologists, food & beverage experts, or anyone who loves cocktails and cute animals. Pre-order your favorite design(s) today to ensure a fresh delivery by November this year.

Link to the Kickstarter campaign: