PHUKET: A new lifestyle shopping mall is set to open by the end of 2019 in Cherng Talay, with Central Group investing a total of 1 billion Baht in the project.

Central Group is continuing its expansion into the lifestyle mall segment with a new project for Phuket, this time located in Cherng Talay, a short distance from Boat Avenue and Laguna Phuket. Graciously named Porto de Phuket, for some unknown reasons, the mall will set on a 40,000 sqm. area and offers 12,000 sqm. of leasable area.

“Porto de Phuket will offer a diverse selection of activities with abundant opportunities for connection with nature. Acclaimed restaurants, trendy retail and family entertainment, our lifestyle retail concept will have something for everybody”, said a representative of the group.

The architecture of the mall reinterprets the natural formation of waves while integrating with the Sino-Portuguese culture to create a unique space in Phuket. Existing trees and flora will be kept as much as possible and integrated with the several buildings, effectively bringing natural elements inside the mall, as it can be seen in the renderings above.

Several familiar brands will be present, such as Central Food Hall, Power Buy, Supersports, B2S and Family Mart. Food-wise, the Mercado will take care of the hungry diners, offering a mix of different areas serving traditional Thai food and eclectic international delicacies.

Central is targeting both locals/expatriates and tourists, mentioning that “Phuket attracted approximately 16.9 million tourists and passengers annually in 2017, an increase of 11.6% from 15.1 million in 2016 and is expected to reach over 20 million for the next 2-3 years, with approximately 300 flights landing and departing from Phuket International Airport daily.”

While Porto de Phuket will provide parking space for 300 cars and 100 motorbikes, the real question will be to evaluate the access points over time, as Srisoothorn Road and Bangdon-Cherngtalay Road are already crammed with traffic from the early morning till the end of the afternoon. Time will tell I believe.