PHUKET: On May 16, 2019, Phuket Vice Governor, K. Thanyawat Chanpinit, chaired a press conference of the Andaman Hotelier Tourism Fair 2019 at Central Festival Phuket, alongside several Phuket local authorities and Phuket hotel, hospitality and tourism associations.

This press conference announced the details of the big hospitality fair, which will be held from June 21 to 23, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm at Baan & Beyond Phuket. This year’s fair will be set under the concept of ‘Fly to the New Height’ and will keep the concept of Green and Innovation for all contests.

At the fair, there will be several activities to observe and enjoy including flower bouquet decoration from recycled items, podium flower decoration, bed making competition, flower decoration for spa, herbal compress DIY, spa bed making, fruit and vegetable carving, cooking class using local ingredients such as lobster and Phuket pineapple, bartender competition and engineering competitions, such as electronic technician, air-conditioned technician, carpenter and welder.

There will be also some special packages for trips in several destinations and their beauty pageant – Miss and Mr Andaman Hotelier 2019 – offering a total of THB 100,000 worth of prizes to the winners. Across the event, there will be more than 70 booths from hotels, hospitality and tourism businesses, including food, drink, spa, housekeeping and engineering products.

“Tourism is a significant part of Phuket economic growth and one of the key factors in the tourism industry is the staff, who dedicate to their careers in hospitality to provide incredible memories to tourists while improving their skills,” said the Vice Governor.

“To be a quality tourism destination, there must be quality of people, service quality, food uniqueness and for Phuket, apart from infrastructure standard and safety, the quality of human resource in tourism industry is also necessary because it attracts tourists to Phuket. On average, tourists spend 4.7 nights per stay in Phuket and if we can attract them to stay longer, it will create more revenue for the island. In addition, once they leave impressed, they will spread their word to their family and friends.”

To follow the updates about the Andaman Hotelier Tourism Fair 2019, go to their Facebook page: Andaman Hotelier or give them a call at +66 95 234 2451.