Naka Market

Naka Market, also known as Chaofa Variety Phuket Market or simply Week-end Market, is the largest of its kind on the island of Phuket. Located in Phuket Town, at the intersection of Wirat Hong Yok Road and Chao Fa West Road, the market spans over 28,000 meters square and offers pretty much everything you can think of.

Whether you are looking for some new clothes or a pair of sunglasses to accompany you to the beach, you will find countless rows of small and medium-sized stalls where you’ll have the opportunity to bargain. It seems as though they first tried to organize the market as you will notice several zones (such as clothing, antiques, food, etc.), but in the end, it can be pretty chaotic and the only way to find out what you seek is by going through each little street.

Being a market, do not forget that most of the prices you will see are negotiable, and you are actually encourage to negotiate with the sellers to agree on a certain price.

A large section of the venue is dedicated to food, which you will find right at the main entrance. It makes it a great experience, as the various merchants each have their own specialty for you to try; from fresh fruits to deep-fried squids and spiral potatoes, it is almost impossible to leave this place hungry.

Several bars cater to those who wish to take a break, including a wooden one which is right at the center of the market; a popular spot among the numerous shoppers.

While the parking lot is rather large, the amount of visitors is even higher, making it sometimes difficult to find a spot. It is recommended not to go there too early, as the small rows of stalls can be very hot under the sun; a good timing would be to arrive around 6:00 pm, hoping to find a place to park your vehicle not too far off.

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Naka Market
Wirat Hong Yok Road, Phuket Town, 83000 Phuket, Thailand

Open Saturdays & Sundays from 4:00pm till 9:00pm.

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