Mongkol Nimit Temple

Mongkol Nimit Temple, also known as Putta Mongkol Temple, is one of Phuket Town’s most famous places of worship. The locals will often refer to it as Wat Klang, which can be translated as “the middle temple”, because of its location in the middle of Phuket Town, right in front of the gas station on Dibuk Road.

The main building is located on the right-hand side of the main entrance and can be easily recognized with its traditional roof, completed with golden ornaments. On the left, the main hall is used for daily prayers and food offerings to the monks in the mornings.

The best way to immerse yourself into the culture is to buy some food from the local restaurants or, even better, to prepare some food at home, and to make a donation in the main hall. The food will first be blessed by the monks, and you will then be invited to a short prayer session, which should last approximately 10 minutes. You will have to bring the food before 12:00 noon though, as the monk cannot accept any offerings after that.

Once the blessing is done, you are free to roam around and discover the various buildings of the temple. Mongkol Nimit Temple is also famous among Thai men as a place to enroll in monkhood; it is the tradition in Thailand for all men to take some time in their lives to become a monk and learn about the teachings of Buddha.

A large Sino-Portuguese building serves as a home for the monks and apprentice monks, who usually wake up at 4:00 am to start their prayers and collect food from the neighborhood.

Please make sure that you dress appropriately when visiting the temple; keep your voice down at all time and make sure your knees and shoulders are covered, especially so for women visiting.

Useful infos

Mongkol Nimit Temple
Dibuk Road, Phuket Town, 83000 Phuket, Thailand

Open daily from 6:00pm till 7:00pm.

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