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Karon Beach

Karon Beach is a favorite destination among families and visitors seeking the peace and tranquility of a seaside town while being a few minutes away from the bustling Patong. It features one of the longest stretches of sand in Phuket, an area covering more than 3.2 kilometers, which offers ample space for relaxing under the sun or exploring some of the activities offered on the beach, such as parasailing and jet-ski.

The center has its share of Thai and international restaurants and plenty of bars and small shops to entertain visitors who wish to take a break from the waterfront. From a selection of Thai delicacies to crispy pizzas and even Swedish treats, you’ll surely find a place that will treat your palate with the food it deserves!

A few international hotel chains sit among the smaller Bed and Breakfasts and Thai resorts, offering a wide selection of rooms to choose from when planning for your next holidays. Expect to pay a bit more for accommodations that are located right on the sand; most of the cheaper options are located on the hillside and a short 10 to 20 minutes’ walk is needed to reach the water from there.

Surprisingly, the main stretch of sands in the middle of the city is relatively quiet, leaving both ends, in the north and south, with a lot of bars and restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Several hotels offer Thai cooking classes, which is a great experience if you fancy cooking delicious food but never had the opportunity to work with Thai spices; this surely will impress your friends back home!

Transportation there is not perfect, and the best way to move within the city is to rent either a car or a motorbike. A few tuk-tuks are available though, especially at the beach front, and a government bus does travel to Kata, the village next door, which offers more activities. As usual, should you decide to rent your own vehicle, please double-check with the renting company that the vehicle is insured and that you are allowed to drive it in Thailand.

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