On November 16, 2019, Phuketify and The Guide Phuket were invited to the Grand Opening of Diamond Resort, a brand new hotel located in Cherng Talay. Over 500 guests joined the opening ceremony, which included numerous shows, such as The Stream of Miracle Show, The LED Wing Show, Aerial Silk by Thailand’s Got Talent 2010 Winner, alongside talented Jazz singers to keep the evening pumped up to the max!

We started the day by visiting the different rooms available among the 292 accommodations that the resort offers, and had the pleasure to grab lunch at the Infuse Restaurant, which offers a menu that balances modern and traditional cuisines that plays on new flavor brought to diners from Europe. The official party started at 6:00pm with delightful music and a plethora of entertainment. A trove of Belgian specialties were served alongside refreshing beverages; we particularly enjoyed the traditional Belgian beef stew and the large oyster bar in the main restaurant.

“We are pleased to announce that we proudly introduce Diamond Resort Phuket as the perfect choice for the wandering travelers of Phuket.” said the General Manager, Mr. Alexander Farrelly while giving a speech at the Grand Opening ceremony. ”The most important goal for us is that our guests are happy and satisfied. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality customer service and are paying as much as possible attention to our guests. Our guests should have the feeling to be in a home away from home and that they are most welcome at Diamond Resort Phuket.”

Diamond Resort Phuket was labeled by its founders, Mr. Rudiger Pauline Leo Maes, Mr. Johan Ghislain Robert D’Hondt and Ms. Phirchawees Boonyassatiean, with their perception of a diamond, which is both beautiful and resistant to deterioration. When cared for, it can last for generations, similar to the way they view and treat their valued guests.