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Bang Tao & Cherng Talay

Bang Tao could easily be dubbed the Phuket’s Beverly Hills thanks to a perfect blend of relaxing and luxurious lifestyle. It is a beach city located in the north of Phuket, on the east-north-east side of Surin Beach and Kamala, which is well-known for its calm surroundings. The beach is one of Phuket’s famous destinations for beachgoers with a laid-back vibe that allows you to really sit and chill with the sound of the ocean. You will also find a horse riding service that brings you through a beautiful golf trail and the tranquil sandy beach.

Some indulging activities are also dotted around the area such as Thai massage shops that usually offer Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage and BNS (Back, Neck & Shoulder massage) and spas with several treatments. Gym, yoga classes and health stores serving clean food, raw food, healthy drinks, and organic products can be found in the area as well.

If you love being surrounded by the beach, music, good food, and refreshing drinks, the beach clubs gather everything for you in one place. Celebrate your late morning with some mouthwatering brunch and take a look at the endless ocean view, sip some refreshments while breathing in the salt in the air and continue to dance on the soft white sand with the arousing beats until late in the night with cool DJs and talented musicians.

Cherng Talay gives you a residential feel, where shopping lovers can indulge at Boat Avenue, where you can find products and services from A-Z. The open area houses dozens of hi-standard shops including fabric and clothes shops, nails and lashes spas, massage service, hair salon, coffee shops, art galleries, food equipment store, souvenir shop, wine bars, craft beer bar and plenty of restaurant offering Thai, Japanese, French and Swiss cuisines. The grocery store, Villa Market also offers a wide range of quality products. On Fridays, there is also a local market with lots of street food and street wears perfect to spend the evening.

Staying in these villages is a great choice for those seeking to relax in peace near the sea. The accommodations range from guest houses all the way to 6-star hotels and luxury private villas with 180 degrees of ocean view.

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